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            Two studies are adding to the debate about the health risks of eating fish containing highlevels of the metal mercury (水銀,汞)。 One study   1   that people who eat fish high inmercury may increase their risk   2   a heart attack. Yet another study found no   3between mercury and heart disease.

            Mercury is a natural   4  . Some bodies of water have become   5   with mercury.High levels of the metal have been found in large fish,   6   shark and swordfish. Scientistssay mercury can be   7   to people. For example, it can harm the developing brain of afetus(胎兒) or child. So some experts say that pregnant women   8   fish containing highlevels of mercury.9  , the American Heart Association and other experts have   10Americans to eat fish at least two times a week. Fish   11   important substances, and theyare believed to   12   the risk of heart disease.

            Scientists in Maryland organized one of the new studies. They examined   13   recordsof more than one thousand and four hundred men from Israel and eight European countries.They   14   men who had suffered a heart attack with healthy men. The study found that15   levels in the men who had a heart attack were fifteen percent   16   than those withno history of heart disease. However, a study by the Harvard School of Public Health inCambridge, Massachusetts   17   the findings.  The Harvard scientists compared twogroups of about five hundred American men. All the men in one group   18   a heart attackand the other men showed no   19   of heart disease. The Harvard scientists found no linkbetween mercury and the risk of heart disease.

            Many doctors say people should not stop eating fish because of   20   about mercury.

            1. A) advises                B) suggests           C) predicts        D) objects

            2. A) of having              B) to have             C) with having     D) for having

            3. A) contradiction           B) difference           C) reason        D) link

            4. A) constituent             B) element            C) component     D) ingredient

            5. A) mixed                B) infected             C) polluted       D) influenced

            6. A) as well as              B) together with        C) such as        D) as large as

            7. A) harmful               B) beneficial           C) wicked        D) evil

            8. A) should avoid eating               B) may not eat

            C) may avoid eating                 D) must avoid to eat

            9. A) Therefore              B) In addition           C) For instance   D) Howeverv

            10. A) warned               B) forced               C) advised      D) halted

            11. A) are composed of        B) contains             C) involves     D) are consisted of

            12. A) increase               B) shrink               C) reduce      D) run

            13. A) logical                B) psychological         C) medical     D) dental

            14. A) compared             B) related               C) connected   D) competed

            15. A) water                 B) blood                C) metal       D) mercury

            16. A) lower                 B) less                 C) higher       D) more

            17. A) approves              B) violates               C) accepts     D) disputes

            18. A) have suffered               B) have never suffered

            C) had suffered                D) had never suffered

            19. A) sign                  B) evidence              C) symptom    D) hint

            20. A) interests              B) information            C) concerns     D) conclusions


            Passage Two


            2.A。risk of something/doing something 是固定詞組,因此選A項。




            6.C。由“鯊魚和劍魚”屬于large fish“大型魚類”可知,這是在舉例,因此選C。

            7.A。由下文For example,it can harm the developing brain of a fetus(胎兒)or child“譬如,它能損害胎兒或兒童的正在發育中的大腦”可知汞對人體有害,因此選A項“有損害的,有害的”;C項“邪惡的,惡毒的”和D項“邪惡的”,均不能用來形容汞這種自然物質。



            10.C。由to eat fish at least two times a week“至少每周吃魚兩次”可見另一些專家建議人們吃魚,否則不必要強調at least two times a week。advise somebody to do something“建議某人做某事”是固定詞組,因此C項為正確答案;A項意為“警告,提醒注意”,一般指不好的事情即將發生或者如何預防不好的事情發生,B項意為“強迫,迫使”,D項意為“阻止”,不符合句意,因此A、B、D三項均不恰當。

            11.B。這句話的意思是“魚類_________重要物質,這些物質被認為能夠減少患心臟病的風險”;B項“(自身)包含,含有”,指所容納的東西是其組成的一部分,用在句中較合適,而A項意為“由…組成”,指包含的人或事物構成整體的全部,但事實上并不是所有構成魚的物質對人體都是重要的,C項指根據整體的性質決定應包含有某些成分或結果,consist of 沒有被動形式。



            14.A。由下文可知科學家們將一組有過心臟病史的男性與另一組健康男性作比較,因此選A項“將…與…作比較”;relate with 意為“將…與…相聯系”,connect with意為“將…與…相連接”,compete with 意為“使…相對抗,競賽”,均不恰當。


            16.C。結合上題解釋,可排除A、B兩項,又因為比較水平level高低時不能用 more 和 less,而是用 higher 和 lower,因此正確答案為C。

            17.D。通過有轉折意味的 however 可知此句觀點與本段前半部分相矛盾,因此可排除A、C兩項,貶義詞 violate 意為“違反,違背(諾言,協議等)”,用在這里也不恰當,只有dispute“對…提出質疑,懷疑”最恰當。

            18.C。這句話的意思是“其中一組中的所有人都_________心臟病,而另一組人沒有心臟病證據記錄”;可見,這兩句是對比關系,前一組的所有人必定都患過心臟病,因此可排除B、D兩項,又由于本句為過去時態,且前半段也曾出現過相同的句式Theycompared men who had suffered a heart attack with healthy men,所以此處不應該用現在完成時,而是過去完成時,顯然正確答案為C項。


            20.C。這句話的意思是“許多醫生告誡人們不要由于對汞的危害的_________而停止吃魚”,concern 作名詞時有“憂慮”之意,填人句中最為恰當。

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