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            1. It goes without saying that drawings aim at revealing a common and series problem in the world: how to protect the ocean resources.

            2. Let's take a closer look at the two pictures. The one on the left shows the state of the housing before the government implemented its urban renewal project, whereas the one on the right illustrates the situation afterwards.

            3. As described/portrayed/illustrated/shown in the picture, many people nowadays like to go to fitness centers to keep their bodies in shape.


            1. The graph shows that the incidence of violent crime has in fact dropped in most US cities over the past decade.

            2. As we can see from the chart, divorce increased phenomenally up until about 1990, but has since remained at a fairly constant level.

            3. The sales figures for A amount to the combined sales figures for B and C.

            The profits over the past five years add up to an incredible 1.2 billion dollars.

            4. The figures fluctuate between 1000 and 1100 units per year.

            The sales are expected to go up and down over the next few months.

            5. The number of pandas in the reserve suddenly rose to over 200.

            6. The birth rate decreased steadily after World War 2.

            The number of users rose smoothly throughout the decade.

            Profits have declined slowly as competitors have taken away market share.

            7. Computer use is forecast to shoot up in Africa during the coming decade.

            Housing prices soar when there is a sudden increase in demand.

            8. There was a slump in production between 1980 and 1985.

            9. The number of Internet users should climb from 20 million in 2004 to 50 million in 2008.

            10. The number of road accidents is expected to decrease from 50,000 in 2005 to 40,000 in 2007.

            Unless the situation changes, there will be a decline from 20 in 2006 to 12 in 2010.

            11. January will witness the launch of two new products, which should increase revenue dramatically.

            12. The population will remain stable thanks to the one-child policy.

            13. The percentage of young people attending university reached a peak of 47% in 2003.

            14. The number of people who could not read hit its lowest point in 2003.

            15. The number of Internet users is on the rise/increase at the moment.

            16. Book sales are on the decline nowadays.

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